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This article is merely a quick reference guide to key considerations when modeling a database for MongoDB, this article can also be useful for modeling any other non-relational or document database; this article does not delve deep into what MongoDB is.

The Document Model

Data as Key/Value pairs and Polymorphism


On a new SSD drive laptop, I got this error on the Installation type step I could not manage the disk because when clicking the continue button the window freezed, I could only see on the drop-down.

The steps I took to solve this were:

  • Get into Windows safe mode by opening CMD as admin and entered command bcdedit /set safeboot minimal
  • Restart and boot into BIOS
  • Changed SATA operation mode from RSD (I think this was the “” I was seeing while searching for a solution)to AHCI

I have also changed the windows Power options

When power button is pressed: shutdown.

That solved my issue.



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